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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

MAUG Hoping For Action Soon

Well as I read the technicals for (MAUG) it would appear it wants to test .175 soon. If we can break that I'd say .20 is not far away at all. Here's to MAUG!


Monday, January 30, 2006

FEMO pulls back, MAUG starts back up

Well, as to be expected (FEMO) has finally leveled back down a bit to .035 which is still a nice way up from .018 when we started watching it. I believe this is a healthy correction. I didn't think we could see past .065 until we corrected a bit. And, while it's always a bit hard to take a big dip, I'm holding through this and waiting for a continued uptrend.

Then there's (MAUG) which is starting to show signs of strength again. It is coming off its correction. My goal is still around .18-.20 range in the short with (MAUG).


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

MAUG Returning to Earth, FEMO Holding Highs

Well, I'm still waiting on (MAUG), as it continues to lower in price. I still really like its chart and the fact that it's merging with a stem cell company. I am going to continue to watch this one very closely.

(FEMO) continues to impress me. I expected it to return to around .04-.045 range, but it is still hovering around .05-.055 range. I'm not buying here, but holding and waiting to see it momentum can continue at these high levels.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

MAUG taking a hit, FEMO strong around .05

Well (MAUG) is sure getting its butt kicked today. Good thing I waited on that one. (FEMO) on the other hand isn't pulling back nearly as fast as I thought it would. FEMO should be interesting to watch, and I'm not giving up on MAUG just yet.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Big Day For FEMO, Hoping for a 2nd Jump With MAUG

Well (FEMO) sure showed that the wall I saw at .045 was non-existant. It moved very very fast this morning. The chart of the past 10 days shows clearly how (FEMO) has been flying. Ever since it broke the wall at .028.

FEMO 10 Day Chart (1/23/2006)

I did take some profits on (FEMO) at around .055 today. However, I still hold a large position.

I am currenly looking to see how (MAUG) holds up as it currently sits around .15. I have my hand on the trigger with that one, but plan to wait at least one more day.

FEMO Flying!

I guess I was right about (FEMO) opening well this morning. Didn't expect it quite this well! The current high of the day is .06! Wow! I'm a bit too excited right now to blog properly,...using a lot of exclamation points!!! Yeah!

FEMO, Hoping For A Gapper

Well, it's Monday, and the grogginess is slowly, but surely washing away.

But, we do have an interesting morning to look forward to. Since (FEMO) closed at the high of the day on Friday, there's a good chance we could see it gap up to a higher high with this morning's opening.

Until then I may invest in some coffee.


Friday, January 20, 2006

FEMO .028 Resistance Broken!

Things are looking great for the Newsletter pick, (FEMO)! Looks like we may be testing .045 resistance soon. Enjoy the ride!

FEMO, Breaking Out and MAUG, Profit Taking

(MAUG) had a very nice little gap this morning, opening at .17, after yesterday's great run. At this time 12:30pm (MAUG) is having some profit, which was to be expected, taking it down to .15x.155. I still really like this one and hope for some late day action or a good continuation of it's run early next week.

(FEMO) is having a GREAT day! We broke our resistance of .028 and should see a nice late day run and then a flavorful gapper on Monday morning. TGIF!

Happy Trading,

Thursday, January 19, 2006

MAUG, what a day!

MAUG, what a day! I've posted the day-end Level II for everyone's pleasure.

MAUG - Mid-Day Update

MAUG is having a break-out day. Volume is terrific! They had some recent news about merging with a stem-cell company and that's the main reason why I've been buying it. The other reason being I really liked their chart. I have posted the 5-day and the 3-month charts below. Go MAUG!

Out this morning, Off To Client

Well, I can't watch my favorite stock FEMO this morning. I wanted to place a bid on it, but I'll I have to head out to a client's office this morning. Plus, I'm working with someone who just loves to talk and talk. So, I'll probably be out for most of the morning, ugh! Oh, well I may place a bid on FEMO before I leave.

We had a strong day yesterday with FEMO, showed some great support. So, here's to a strong finish to the week.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Busy Morning...

Well the day job is tugging at me. Deadlines are getting closer and managers are getting more antsy. And for some reason the fresh from college sales guy is carrying a football around with him. Maybe we're filming a FedEx commercial ;) ... or maybe not. I am very tempted to sack him, but I'd probably get a "roughing the idiot" penalty, and that could really hurt the team.

So, anyways back to normalcy. PCKY had a nice trade this morning. MYNG is staying around .033x.034 and my favorite one FEMO is building a rather wide spread of .021x.024. FEMO, from all my research, looks like a great company. I'm hoping the price should soon reflect that. I do expect a pullback to around .02-.022 still before we see .03.

Ok, back to the day job...


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

FEMO - So Far Today...

Well, the most recently resistance level would appear to be .028 which was tested today. Volume has been strong and shown support around .02-.023 area.

Adding MYNG To My Watchlist

With Gold Stocks being a hot sector of late, I've decided to start watching MYNG. It appears to be in the middle of a small dip before continuing higher. This could be a good time to jump in.


FEMO - Profit Taking...

Well, as much as I always hate to see it, we are having some profit taking after the nice gap. I guess that is to be expected. I do expect a bit of a pullback on this before it goes over .03. I believe we may test .021-.022 area for a little while before hitting higher highs.


FEMO - Nice Gap This Morning

Well FEMO had a very nice gap this morning, opening at .028 after closing at .023 on Friday. This is usually a great sign of interest in the stock. I'm going to now look closer at where the resistance would be if we had another strong surge of volume on the ASK.


Long Weekend, Excited For Open

These long weekends always leave me greatly anticipating the market open. I have noticed in the past that the long weekend gives a lot of people the time to research and set aside a good amount of funds to put into a new investment. Therefore, as the market opens the "new finds" for these long-weekend-loving-investors begin to be effected by their open buys. This causes the stocks' bid and ask to go up quite nicely.

***Here's to all the Traders getting a nice gapper***


Monday, January 16, 2006

Currently Investing in... FEMO

FEMO which is currently trading at around .023 is what I am currently dumping my money into. I have been posting about it on the message boards.

FEMO's earning as of last year had shown tremendous growth. They have a new line of products BioPro which looks to be a product line that was produced very well. The marketing at the very least is great.

As you can see from the Chart below, FEMO's momentum has really picked up nicely. The surge in volume and price is a nice showing of strength.

Welcome Fellow Traders!

To help supplement the site, I figured I'd create a blog to help fill up everyone's hunger for penny stocks.

I will try and keep up with some commentary on the stocks I'm scouting and/or picking on the site. So, enough intro'ing let's get down to business.