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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Busy Morning...

Well the day job is tugging at me. Deadlines are getting closer and managers are getting more antsy. And for some reason the fresh from college sales guy is carrying a football around with him. Maybe we're filming a FedEx commercial ;) ... or maybe not. I am very tempted to sack him, but I'd probably get a "roughing the idiot" penalty, and that could really hurt the team.

So, anyways back to normalcy. PCKY had a nice trade this morning. MYNG is staying around .033x.034 and my favorite one FEMO is building a rather wide spread of .021x.024. FEMO, from all my research, looks like a great company. I'm hoping the price should soon reflect that. I do expect a pullback to around .02-.022 still before we see .03.

Ok, back to the day job...



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