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Friday, February 03, 2006

PMED: My Latest Buy

While I sold some of my (MAUG) and (FEMO) I am still holding them for at least a bit longer.

The latest one I like is (PMED). A very high risk play (being a sub-penny stock about 4 hours ago). However the high risk offers you the high reward.

Today (PMED) continued its fast upward trend ending the day up 41.03% at .011 with a high of .012. Not too shabby. I'm hoping for a nice gap on Monday after all those savvy traders out there notice this one on their momentum scans. That is where I found it, and I just couldn't resist the chart. It looked to be setting up for a very nice end of the week...and for that at least...I guessed right.

And now a look at the chart of (PMED) for the past 5 days.

Ain't that pretty!!!



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