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Friday, February 17, 2006

PMED - News! .027 High of the Day!

Wow, I'm still coming down from today. I was waiting for .009 to buy more and BOOM! PMED released a nice PR and it when from .0094 to .02 in about 5 minutes! Crazy stuff. Pennys are so tough to judge which is why I both love and hate them. I know PMED still had something left in it, however, I saw it going down below .0095 for a little while (not 10 minutes) before climbing again. I sat too long on the side and lost out on a bit of profit. Then I sucked it up and bought a bunch at .016 and .019.

Now it's all a matter of how great is the news? Where is the next level of resistance? When should I take profit? And the toughest thing of all is to remember to not be too greedy.

So, I'll take profit at .50 not 5.00. Heheh. Good luck with this runner everyone! Another great newsletter pick, which amazed even me. Enjoy the profits and the long weekend.



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