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Friday, October 16, 2009

Today's Most Popular Stocks (IJJP, GERS, DLAD)

Today's Most Popular Stocks in our Stock Chat

IJJ Corp. (Pink: IJJP) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary TelecoTech is now
targeting the VoIP market by launching their proprietary VoIP
softswitch solution called the MasterSwitch(TM). TelecoTech's
MasterSwitch(TM) is a software telephone switch or Softswitch, built
around the Asterisk Digium platform, providing the company the
opportunity to enter into the $500 billion telecommunications industry.

GreenShift Corporation (OTC: GERS), which develops clean technologies
that facilitate the use of natural resources, saw its shares jump recently by
nearly 200 percent after announcing that the U.S. Patent and Trademark
Office has issued it patent titled “Method of Processing Ethanol
Byproducts and Related Subsystems” for the extraction of corn oil to GS
CleanTech Corp.

Dealer Advance, Inc. (Pink: DLAD) announced recently that it has filed and received its new CUSIP number and has also filed the anticipated name change to Cabal Communications Corporation with FINRA.

DealerAdvance, Inc. CEO Steven E. Humphries said, "We received the new
CUSIP number last week (10/8) and filed for our name change to Cabal
Communications Corporation with FINRA yesterday."

DealerAdvance announced that it would be changing its name in August when
the company also announced its plans to become a broad-based media company
with holdings in the print and broadcasting industries.

DealerAdvance currently owns local Dallas/Fort Worth publication, Sports
Page Weekly, Inc. Sports Page Weekly is now in its eighth year of
operation and is in the process of syndicating its product in the top
sports franchise markets in the USA.

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